Liaison Services
Paradigm Liaison Services LLC provides pipeline operators 49 CFR Parts 192.615 and 195.403 compliance programs by implementing face-to-face liaison meeting programs with emergency officials.  With the acquisition of SafetyComm Solutions in August of 2007, Paradigm became a turn-key compliance provider to the pipeline industry.  Focus group research and industry feed-back forged a path forward for Paradigm to invest in technology to meet the needs of customers and desires of stakeholders. 

Stakeholder Outreach
Liaison programs force dynamic outreach efforts to achieve attendance.  While direct mailed invitations are the focal point of the outreach, Paradigm also utilizes email, telephone, and fax communications.  Each communication distributed is tied to the database of stakeholders to allow for ease of data management.  To allow for the diverse needs of communications, Paradigm provides stakeholders any avenue to RSVP (fax, email, website, or telephone).

One crucial topic discussed in the focus group research was “what do you leave the stakeholder with?”.  Paradigms Program Guide and Pipeline Emergency Response Planning Information Manual are developed specific to each state.  API RP 1162 messaging, operator information, product hazards, and the incident scenario are all included in the information provided to the stakeholders.  Each operator has the discretion to include their pertinent information.  Each non-attending emergency official agency that does not attend a program is distributed the information upon completion of the programs.

Our program is developed to engage stakeholders by presenting the subject matter verbally and in writing.  We also provide an incident scenario in the program to prompt the audience to think of their specific areas and how they can pre-plan with operators in the case an incident were to occur.  Just the right mix of video is applied to pertinent sections of the program to give stakeholders the seriousness of the message.
Program topics include:

  • Pipeline Purpose and Reliability
  • Safety Initiatives
  • Product Hazards and Characteristics
  • Line Pressure Hazards
  • Leak Recognition and Response
  • High Consequence Areas (HCAs)
  • Emergency Response Basics
  • One-Call and Damage Prevention

Get a close look at our programs by attending a meeting!

Stakeholders were loud and clear in their preference of “who” they want presenting the materials to them in our focus group research.  Someone who has been in their shoes, has the same experiences, but engages them in the presentation.  For this reason, Paradigm’s instructors come from emergency response or training backgrounds, and go through extensive industry training (Instructor Bios).

Effectiveness Measurement
By integrating interactive assessment devices into our programs, Paradigm introduced a new technique of effectiveness measurement. Each RP 1162 message is measured with a prompted question incorporated into the progra m, and the audience provides immediate feedback, which is collected and reported at the conclusion of the program. The responses are also tabulated live, which allows our instructors to re-address any specific messages if a deficiency is identified.

Paradigm programs also come with a Program Evaluation of the program. This survey is on paper which the stakeholders complete and turn in upon completion of the program. Paradigm receives the surveys and converts them to data for operator’s effectiveness measurement needs. This allows operators the ability to drill down to the finest level of detail on each participant of the program.

Capabilities Report
Learning the capabilities of each emergency response agency is a critical step to the development of proper emergency response plans. It is also a fundamental requirement in 49 CFR 192, and 195, compliance. Paradigm’s liaison programs offer the appropriate information that, is completed by the agencies themselves, and reported in both scanned pdf and data formats.