Coordinated Response Exercise (CoRE)

Paradigm has enhanced the emergency official liaison curriculum for 2018. This discussion-based program is now called CoRE. To achieve liaison compliance, it is necessary for operators to interact with officials in specific ways. CoRE was designed to enhance the current approach to compliance-focused joint participation between
operators and officials.

CoRE Program, Victoria, TX


Emergency Officials
Are Saying:

 Operators Are Saying:
"My biggest takeaway was learning the shared relationship between pipeline operators and emergency responders."

"I liked the interaction between all agencies and operators in the scenario because it makes the different agencies work together."

"I learned a lot from everyone at the liaison program through the sharing of each other's knowledge through the exercise."
 "My largest takeaway was the experience surronding the Virtual Scenario Manager™ and learning what the emergency officials think when responding to an incident."

"There was great interaction. The local scenario and presenation was relevant and fast-paced."

"I liked the enagement between operators and emergency officials."


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