PDQweb™ is a web-based application built specifically for documenting and managing pipeline operators’ public awareness programs. With the ability to add, edit, append additional communication, incorporate forms, implement web surveys, and much more, PDQweb™ puts your stakeholders at your finger tips. PDQweb™ includes a Home page complete with document management capabilities, announcements, and a storage place for any other documents pertinent to your public awareness program.

With simple and advanced query functionality, Paradigm’s application is flexible enough for any user to find a stakeholder. All communications implemented to the stakeholder are documented record-by-record in the details section.

Stakeholder details are accessible and editable. With our "Work with Stakeholder" feature, users can View Details, Update the records, Add Comments, Add Documents, or Export the records, as their programs are implemented. All reports are also stored in the Documentation tab where they can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.