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Public Awareness Plan

The backbone of a pipeline operator’s efforts in establishing a continuing education program to educate stakeholders is its written public awareness plan. As all activities undertaken by an operator must be established, described, implemented, documented and evaluated, it is imperative that the written plan address all of the complexities of an operator’s system and address the required components of State and Federal regulations. Paradigm has written countless public awareness plans for transmission and distribution pipeline operators of all sizes that have withstood regulatory scrutiny.

Additionally, Paradigm’s experience with written public awareness plans allows us to review an operator’s current plan, prepare a summary gap analysis outlining possible deficiencies and provide a re-written plan that complies with State and Federal requirements.

Annual Review

Pipeline operators are required to perform an annual review to determine whether their Public Awareness Program has been developed and implemented in accordance with Federal regulations. Paradigm can develop a process which can be used by pipeline operators during their self-assessment, or we can conduct the assessment and provide recommendations for improving the process and implementation moving forward.

Audit Support

Paradigm provides in-person and phone-based audit support for State and Federal Public Awareness Inspections. Paradigm can facilitate mock audits in order to assist operators in satisfying regulatory requirements.

Effectiveness Evaluations

Pipeline Operators are required to perform a comprehensive review to determine the effectiveness of their Public Awareness Program based on the measure set forth in Section 8 in AP RP 1162. Paradigm can assist in this effort by developing a survey process that complies with their written public awareness plan, and provide a thorough analysis of the results for review and to serve as a basis for making potential changes in their public awareness.

Paradigm’s effectiveness measurement solutions include both qualitative and quantitative studies for API RP 1162 effectiveness. Our experience includes all forms of research for compliance, including printed surveys, focus group research, and phone surveys.

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