Field Form


Public Awareness and Damage Prevention are data-driven initiatives which plan an emphasis on the speed, accuracy, and thoroughness of the data collected, and the ability to collect it in real-time. Pipeline companies must consider alternatives to current methods, such as paper forms, that don't offer the same security, quality controls, or flexibility to capture location-based information and stakeholder interaction (GPS, location, images, video, date/time stamping, and signatures) that are vital to safe operations.

Paradigm developed its enterprise level FieldForm application to allow pipeline operators to streamline field-based data collection across multiple job responsibilities. Any paper form can be quickly and easily converted to digital format containing both pre-populated drop-down menus and free-from text entry fields, such as:

  • Stakeholder Interaction
  • Emergency Response Capabilities
  • One-Call Ticket Investigation
  • Right-of-Way Inspections
    • Ground
    • Aerial
  • Integrity Management

Additionally, the permission-based structure of FieldForm allows the administrator to grant access to forms at the individual user level.

In addition to the pre-loaded forms which are available online and offline, FieldForm allows administrators to dispatch forms and work orders through the dashboard interface from a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Users will receive a notification that a new form has been dispatched and is awaiting completion. Administrators can also view custom activity reports and export to Excel and .pdf formats.

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