Liaison Meeting Overview

Paradigm brings together operators and their local emergency and public officials, as well as excavators, for liaison purposes; implementing nearly 1,000 face-to-face programs annually, with more than 63,000 people in attendance.

These liaison meetings assist operators with focused compliance efforts on API RP 1162 and 49 CFR 192.615 and 616 / 49 CFR 195.402, 403 and 440. At local meetings, operators and emergency officials exchange information regarding systems and capabilities to plan accordingly.

Attracting stakeholders to meetings requires consistent and diverse outreach. While direct mailed invitations are the focal point of outreach, Paradigm also utilizes email and telephone communications to fill the seats with qualified emergency officials. The communications are then married to meeting attendance rosters utilizing a sign and capture solution.

All program elements, copies of the attendee materials, effectiveness measurement statistics, capabilities reports, and attendance details are precisely documented and delivered to each participating sponsor.

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