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Virtual Scenario Manager

Scenarios and drills have proven to be effective means by which emergency officials and first responders may review the details of responding to pipeline emergencies. These meetings also serve to facilitate discussion between the operator, emergency officials, and other stakeholders. The Virtual Scenario Manager (VSM) allows these scenarios to be conducted via the web, in addition to the traditional field and classroom exercises. Custom scenarios can be built based on the location of an operator's assets and product transported, providing an easy and convenient way for responders to participate. Pipeline operators will receive audit-ready reports with an overview of the scenario, and the individuals/organizations who participated.

Public Awareness Manager

VSM allows operators to focus on:

  • Their Specific Assets and Unique Characteristics
  • Specific Geography or Geographies
  • Communities
  • Segments of Specific Pipelines
  • HCA Emphasis
  • Rural Areas
  • Pertinent Emergency Responders

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